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Apr 17, 2022

Season 5, Episode 2: The Wine Down

About:  The wine business is a billion dollar industry with < 3% of black and brown entrepreneurs serving as owners/operators within this setting.  We’ll be discussing this sector with Tahiira Habibi, Founder/Sommelier of the Hue Society; Cofounder of the Roots Fund Initiative.


Mar 27, 2022

Season 5, Episode 1: Farming and Reclaiming the Land

About: Today we are discussing Black Sustainability as it relates to increasing our knowledge about urban gardening with Guest Momomologist Iyeshima Harris-Ouedraogo.

Guest Bio:

Iyeshima started her journey in the food justice movement over 10 years ago as a Green...

Nov 14, 2021

Season 4: Episode 8: Generational Wealth

Generational Wealth. We hear this term with the connotation devoted to trust funds and inheritances passed down by (white) family members.  Can we have thriving Black businesses/communities to pass our level of generational wealth?

..Let’s talk with our guest entrepreneur, Qui...

Oct 10, 2021

Season 4, Episode 7: The Value of Private School: a look at culture and community

Show Sponsor: St. Philips School & Community Center


In Season 2, we discussed school choice, however focusing on all things private school from a prospective parents POV. Today, we will...

Sep 11, 2021

Season 4, Episode 6: Childhood Obesity

Child Obesity has been on a steady rise over the last 5 years. Childhood obesity in the Black population in the US has climbed to 22% versus 25.8% in the Latino community.  Today, we have a guest Momologist and mother of 2, Vanessa Rissetto, to discuss obesity and more.