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Jul 22, 2018

Episode 10: Black Surrogacy- Redefining the Norms

Surrogacy first went public in the US during the late 1970's. The surrogacy didn’t involve a financial compensation, otherwise known as traditional surrogacy. A team made up of Noel Keane and Dr. Ringold introduced the first surrogacy clinic — Infertility Center —...

Jun 24, 2018

Episode 6: Free Range Parenting
Remember the days where you use to play in the park unsupervised? Now we call it Free Range Parenting. What are your thoughts on this parenting style vs. being a Helicopter Mom? 



Berger, L.M, et al. (2006) How does race influence judgements about parenting? Focus, 24...

Jun 11, 2018

Episode 4: This broad topic encompasses strained relationships between black mothers & daughters, and suggestions in moving forward in developing positive relationships with our own children and possibly mending our parental relationships (if we can).



Everet, J.E., et al (2016) A Qualitative Study of the...