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Nov 25, 2018

In today’s topic, we will explore advocating for your child’s education. Whether it is academic achievement, social/emotional growth, or even having the best resources for their respective sport, we are discussing what this looks like for the current African American family.


Marvelous Mahogany Mom: Phaedra Burton

Phaedra Burton is our Mahogany Momologist of the Week. This mother of two showed up and showed out in a video for the #cardibmoneychallenge.

Nominate a mom today emailing us or going on to our website.


Mom Group of the Week:

Sol Mamas are folks from all tribes building friendship, extended family and community while enjoying the outdoors and a host of other activities. Enjoy toddler play dates, field trips, group fitness classes, and more. Based in the Bay Area of California you can check them out on MeetUp  -


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Producer: Greenville Ave. Studios  -

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