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Jul 8, 2018

Episode 8: The Rise of Black Women and Gun Ownership

Upon the inauguration of President Trump, we have seen an obvious surge in African American gun owners, and one can question if the increase we’ve noticed has been trending upward over the last 30 years. The most dramatic increase we’ve seen are those of women. Black women are among the higher rated individuals of gun ownership. In addition to political uncertainty, there are other reasons behind an individual owning a gun, from personal safety to self-empowerment. We will discuss the rise of Black women gun owners changing the narrative. 


Guest Momologist:

LaTasha Oliver is the Chief Operator for Body By “O” and Body By “O” Tactical. She began her endeavors as a personal trainer with the organization in December 2014 alongside her now husband Oliver Kingdom. Her experience as a firearms instructor began in August 2016. LaTasha is still in training to become an effective and proficient firearms instructor. Her current title with Body By "O" Tactical is Range Safety Officer (RSO). Her role in Body By “O” operations include the developing and evaluation of programs on both the fitness and firearms side. Her focus in the organization is geared toward the Black women coming for services. LaTasha is also a currently enrolled in the graduate Social Work program at University of Texas at Arlington. She specializes in macro social work and is scheduled to graduate in December 2018. Her passion for the well-being of the Black community, with emphasis of Black women drives her work with Body By “O” and her future plans as a macro practice social worker.


LaTasha is originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, born and raised. Business opportunities for Body By “O” and her choice in graduate school influenced her decision to leave Shreveport and move to Dallas. Outside of work and school, LaTasha spends time doing things she loves like reading, cooking, date nights with her husband and being a tv junkie. LaTasha has been with her husband for 4 years and married 2. She recently celebrated her 2-year anniversary, 34th birthday, and son’s 10-year birthday all in the month of June.


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