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May 19, 2019

Topic: The idea of being a mother and facing motherhood brings on varied emotions. What about when your child is identified as having special needs? In today’s episode, we are exploring the perspective of a mom and her daughter who has special needs on their journey during childhood and into adulthood with our guest, Lillian Flakes.

Mahogany Momologist of the Week: Lynn is a member of the Mommy Moves tribe and wears many hats in working on the hubspace for mothers.

Guest Momologist: Lillian Flakes  

Lillian is a geophysicist and the proud mom of two girls, the youngest with Down syndrome. Her youngest daughter had a heart defect and other health issues that required 92 days of hospitalization her first year of life. Lillian is a natural problem solver and understands the challenges every caregiver can face with the overwhelming tasks of managing hospitalizations, numerous doctor appointments, medications, insurance claims along with balancing the care of family. As a key component of her blog, Beyond the Waiting Room, she provides a peek into her personal challenges along with resources, tools, new technology and inspiration. In addition, she often speaks to groups in the medical field about CARE (Compassion, Action, Respect and Education) the cornerstone of treatment for all patients.  



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