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Nov 3, 2019

Season 2, Episode 27: What You Didn't Know About Private School. Finding the right educational pathway for your child can be daunting. Private school vs. public vs. charter--what’s best for our children? Whatever your thoughts are on the state of our educational system, we’ll discuss a fraction of it---what you didn’t know about private schools with our guest momologist, Dara Tilghman. 

Guest Momologist: Dara Tilghman Founder of Dallas Fort Worth Private Education.  DFWPE was founded to help parents find schools and other resources for their children. To learn more about our services or to ask for help finding a school, they are on facebook and we will have the links in the show notes.  Originally from DC by way of California she has dived herself in all things private education in Dallas. When not working she spends time with her husband Carl and ensuring Chloe and Tre are enjoying life to the fullest. 


Dallas Fort Worth Private Education