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Nov 17, 2019

Topic:  The Family Friendly Schools Act will create a first-of-its-kind pilot program to give schools resources to stay open during the entire work day throughout the school year and to invest over $1 billion in enriching summer learning programs – all without forcing teachers to work longer hours or for less pay. Introduced by Sen. Kamala Harris (D)-California and presidential candidate during her campaign, grants will be provided to 500 “family friendly schools” for before school, after school, and summer enrichment.  Mel and Tash will break down the Act providing pros and cons.


Mahogany Momologist of the Week:  Congrats to Thasunda Brown Duckett who was appointed to the Nike Board of Directors.  Duckett, CEO of Chase Consumer Banking, is executive sponsor of JPMorgan Chase’s Advancing Black Pathways program which is directed toward helping black Americans achieve economic success through wealth, education and careers. When not being a boss in the corporate and community streets her and her husband Richard cheer on their award winning fencing kids: Madison and Myles.


Podcast Partner:  This episode is sponsored in part by HAK Electronics.  Based in Dallas, they focus on making STEM learning fun for kids 5 and up.  From after school, weekends, and camps your kids will see the amazing ways their lives are impacted by STEM.  Get 10% discount on classes by using the word Momology check them out at and now on to our show.



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