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Jul 5, 2020

Topic: When Black women are the token minority in the workforce, we attempt to seek out other Black women co-workers within the office environment. We give the extra inner ‘black fist’ when she is in a higher, executive position. But what happens when that sense of pride and #blackgirlmagic turns to misery and dread the hands of said Black woman? Recently, a collective group of women, called #BlackFemaleAnonymous, wrote a piece in Medium entitled, “The Truth About Essence”, in which they discussed intimidation and possible retaliation upon the demand for resignation of CEO Richelieu Dennis, Michelle Ebanks, Joy Collins Profet, and Moana Luu. We will have the link of the article in our show notes, as well as Essences’ official statement on the criticism of the article. It does bring up an interesting discussion of working under black women in leadership positions. Many love the thought of working under the visual representation of themselves, while others...not so much. Let’s talk bullying is the worst, as an adult, when it’s buy us.

The Truth About Essence


Essence Official Statement:


Bullied Out of Position: Black Women’s Complex Intersectionality, Workplace Bullying, and Resulting Career Disruption's_Complex_Intersectionality_Workplace_Bullying_and_Resulting_Career_Disruption/links/5b6b766745851546c9f78491/Bullied-Out-of-Position-Black-Womens-Complex-Intersectionality-Workplace-Bullying-and-Resulting-Career-Disruption.pdf




A Review of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Employee Experiences of Workplace Bullying


Three Perspectives on Workplace Harassment of Women of Color

Women Bullied At Work: Here’s Why Your Female Boss Doesn’t Support You

Sista' Abuse: The Prevalence of Black-on-Black Female Bullying in the Workplace?'_Abuse_The_Prevalence_of_Black-on-Black_Female_Bullying_in_the_Workplace

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