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Jul 26, 2020

Season 3, Episode 21: The New Educational Wealth Gap

We'll discuss one of those factors that *may* contribute to the decisions OUR families are making--the wealth gap of education. Thanks to social media, not only have we heard the about the expansion of ‘learning pods’, we also hearing of other options like concierge-type teaching where teachers come to their homes.

Guest Momologist: Talitha V. Anyabwele is the Founding Director of RISE (Raising Imhotep Scholars of Excellence) Educational Consulting, where they provide African-centered curriculum, as well as education, and cultural diversity training programs to parents, educators and schools. Prior to her consulting business, Talitha was a curriculum developer and specialist for True North Rochester Preparatory School and Uncommon Schools, Principal of Sakkara Youth Institute in Tallahassee, FL, Behavioral Modification Specialist for Hillsborough County Schools, as well as microschool founder and in Singapore and in Atlanta, GA. Talitha is a homeschool parent to two Imani Geniuses for eight years.


Returning Guest Momologist:

Jennifer Henry is a returning Guest Momologist from Season 1, Episode 9: Black Families and Homeschooling. She studied psychology and biology at Howard University and went on to a doctoral program at New York University’s Center for Neuroscience where she was a MacCracken Fellow and an Adjunct Instructor. She earned a Masters of Philosophy in Neuroscience. As a Mom, she became fascinated with the intersection of neuroscience, psychology and early childhood education. She combined these interests to build an award winning private school using her NeuroNurture preschool curriculum and pedagogy. She blogs about her Life, Wife- and Mom-ventures on MilkBrainBlog. She is the founder of HBCU·ish by NeuroNurture on, a new online marketplace that curates and creates educational products and programs that exclusively serve Black children and their multicultural allies.

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