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Jul 25, 2021

Topic: Let’s discuss having a partner and/or being the partner who is neurodiverse with two Momologists: a Therapist, and a Mom who has ADHS herself.  

Guest Momologists: Meet LaTisha Thomas, LCSW-S graduated in 2005 with her Bachelor of Social Work from Texas Woman’s University She then received a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2006. She has worked at the Department of Veteran Affairs as a clinical social worker for 13 years. In April of 2019, she opened a private practice called Tomorrow and Beyond PLLC in Desoto, Texas. The mission of the practice is to normalize mental wellness for black and brown families. Her specialty is in assisting individuals process traumatic experiences that hinders them from being their best selves.  She’s a current professor at Texas Christian University where she sees herself as a catalyst to mold future social workers. LaTisha Thomas does all of this in hopes to live out the legacy of her parents and to ensure her four children have the lives they deserve.

Meet Inger Shaye Colzie is an ADHD Coach and Psychotherapist specializing in making a difference for Black woman executives and entrepreneurs, supporting women through clarity, empowerment and resilience. She has successfully run her practice, Alchemy Coaching & Counseling, as a therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 15 years in spite of being undiagnosed until in her 50s. She offers the benefits of professional expertise with a lifetime of experience.


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